Dear General Public…

Dear General Public,

I thought I’d write to you so I could express my annoyance at your actions. I am sure you do not do this purposefully so I’d thought I’d let you know.

1) When at a mega supermarket; please refrain from taking your week’s worth of shopping through the fast self-service checkout. I do not wish to wait all day just to purchase a sandwich.

2) Do not use said checkouts if unable to scan/know what a bar-code is.

3) In a busy location please do not barge me, walk on and then look back and not apologise. You know what you did.

4) Do not push in front of me in the queue. Even if you are old. Get to the back.

5) When at a restaurant do not leave your snot filled hankies and tissues for your waitress to clear up.

6) Also when dining out and food is not up to a standard do not blame the waitress/waiter. They did not cook it. They are the messenger.

7) Do not spend £200 on a meal and leave a £2 tip.

8) Tell your child to stop kicking the back of my chair.

9) When a door is held open for you or you are let through to pass (this includes whilst driving) say thank you.

10) Do not sit in the seat next to me in public transport when there are loads of other seats spare.

That is all. 🙂


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